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We have a board meeting every other (odd) month @ 4PM in our office. Property owners are welcome as guest. If you want something to be discussed/added to the agenda, please submit in writing, prior to the meeting.

The meeting dates are every second Wednesday of the month, 4PM.

The next meeting will be March 14, 2018, 4pm

Jan 15, 2018:

Our President has called for a Special Meeting to take place at January 22, 2018, 4pm at our office. Below is the agenda:

Welcome / Call to Order: Phillis

Determination of Quorum: Phillis

Board Members:  Present /Excused

Guests: Phillis

Special Meeting Agenda Items:

Background. Two Items (#2 and #4) were postponed during Jan 10th, 2018 meeting and until after meeting with our corporate attorney on January 11th.  These items need action, along with the other 3 items below, before our next regular meeting. It’s important that our bylaws are updated to be in compliance and consistent.  We also need to have a financial audit at a reasonable cost as soon as reasonably possible. 

This is a set agenda and no other items can be discussed or decided at this meeting.

1. Adopt a special rule of order providing that speeches /comments are limited to 2 minutes. Appoint timekeeper to enforce speaking time limits for this and future meetings. Guests cannot speak or comment until board has fully deliberated an item.

2. Create a committee to update bylaws as advised by our corporate attorney. Appoint a chairperson. Determine selection of members. Motion to discharge any previous formed committees for this purpose.  Determine reporting schedule for committee. 

3. Proposal to approve funds not to exceed $5,000 to pay for professional services to update bylaws so they are in compliance, consistent and clear. Our corporate attorney quote for services is $3000 - $5000.

4. Proposal to authorize Treasurer to proceed in search of an auditor.  Approval of funds if needed to attain professional advice and / or pay a retainer.  

5.  Determine fine for owners who continue to have equipment / vehicles parked on Ranchos roads and / or easements after warning letter (s) have been sent. Presently we have an owner who has continued to park equipment / vehicles on road and easements and may need to be fined.

Adjournment time:

Next regular board meeting, Wednesday March 14, 2018, 4;00 p.m.