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This page is created with the specific intent to give information and hopefully clarify about recent allegation against HRRMC and its board of directors.

It is a follow up to the letter/email you should have received recently from us

September 20 2017, Aloha Ranchos Property Owners,

Once again, there have been allegations concerning the Hawaiian Ranchos Road
Maintenance Corporation (HRRMC) and its Board of Directors. Recently an email/letter has
been circulated from ranchoswatchdognews@gmail.com. We are not aware of the scope
of distribution but want to clarify the Board's position. The “Watch dogs” who are
“concerned owners” to no surprise, some were part of the HRCA (Hawaiian Ranchos
Community Association) which currently is in litigation and has no current function.
These individuals maneuvered themselves into HRCA with their own agenda. Sadly, the
remaining Community Association’s money, and assets are frozen. (The 2014 full year
financials reported at the February 2015 HRCA Annual Meeting indicated: $65k bank
balance and $51k land value.) A large amount of money has been paid to lawyers from
community funds. Since no agreement can be reached the bank is filing a complaint in
interpleader in accordance with the terms of the Member Service Agreement (MSA) and
the Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure. All attorney fees and costs incurred will be
deducted from the HRCA funds. That being said, any litigation is expensive and may use
up most of the Association's funds. So those of us who paid the HRCA $20/year
voluntary dues have supplemented the lawyers and not our community. Please
understand that HRRMC IS IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH HRCA! The reason we
bring this up is we feel the community really needs to know what is happening. Now
these “concerned citizens” have set their sights on targeting HRRMC with what we
believe are false accusations and misconceptions and they appear to be attempting to
orchestrate a hostile takeover of our board.

We, the HRRMC board, have only one mission: maintain our roads. We are a group of
passionate volunteers who are looking to preserve our organization and its assets for what
is important, our roads. We take pride in our accomplishments. There is no clear agenda
that the Watch Dogs are trying to accomplish other than cause relentless conflict. Based
on our attorney’s advice from August 2017, we were informed “The Articles of
Incorporation, Bylaws, and HRS CH. 421J, together, set forth requirements for
governance of HRRMC. The Board is advised to follow those documents.” We are
committed to being in compliance with our bylaws.

The history...

Last year a person started a rumor that the board president would raise the annual dues up to $300/year. (he has no plans or no such power to do so) We know who started it because she used privileged information from a budget discussion, only sent to her. She used this to start a petition to remove the president, and we had to have a stormy meeting to disspell this and calm people down.

About the same time, the board had invited a new Ranchos member to become a board member. He abused that privilege and behaved agressively and threatening at his first meeting. The board made the decision to vote him off. This is not an easy thing to do, but we have to protect the integrity of the board. Since this man is involved with the group which causes us trouble, very likely motivation of this can partly be revenge.

The group then presented a demand letter to our office in May this year. They wanted minutes from the last 6 years and audit/financial report for the last 10 years. Our office manager was on sick leave at this time, and our treasurer was served this document in a very unpleasant way. All our members have the right to see our board approved minutes and financials, but since we knew these people as causing trouble, we resisted, referring to our bylaws stating that 10 signatures were needed for receiving copies. Things escalated and she started threating with "see you in court" Eventually they produced the 10 signature list, and we gave copies of financial reports and we published the last 6 years of minutes on this website. We have nothing to hide.

Next we intercepted a petition, not meant for our eyes. A petition to overthrow the board. They are trying to use a lot of rules from our own bylaws to intimidate us. We had our attorney look it over, and he pointed out a lot of inaccurate claims. Not to mention all the false allegations, which we can refute. We have not seen a signed petition, which hopefully means that they had a hard time getting 25 signatures. Noteworthy is also that the petition has no identified author.

About a month ago we received a certified letter with 6 new board nominations. Five of them came from a woman, part of the group causing trouble. Our attorney has advised us to follow our bylaws, and because of this we realized we had to change our annual meeting date to Oct 21 this year. This made the nominations too late to add to this years ballot. Our newsletter was ready for print, and we went ahead with our original slate.

You can see a copy of our latest official 2017 annual newsletter here

We knew that the group would be upset, and sure enough soon a "newsletter" was intercepted, last week.

Here is a copy of the "Ranchos Watchdog News". Attached to it was a list of the bios of the six nominations, we omitted it, since it contained some personal information. Interestingly, we have talked to a couple of the nominees, and they were not even aware of this newsletter and did not want to be part of it. This letter was not sent to us, we intercepted it from a concerned member. Interestingly, this letter does not have an identified author, obviously written by a coward with a keyboard. We could ignored it, since we have done nothing wrong, and it has no author. But since we already are getting calls from concerned members, we have to act. Hence this web page.

This attempt to distrupt our election with write in votes will cause a lot of confusion and wasted votes, since we do not accept write in votes. You need to be on the ballot to be considered. Secondly, according to our bylaws, only 1/3 of the board can be voted on at one time, to maintain a rotation. This limits the number of people on the to ballot to 3 or maybe 4 per year, max (11/3 = 3.67) This email was intercepted today from "ranchoswatchdognews". See for yourself. We know who she is and she is acting in desperation. We do not have five openings.

Some of these people nominated may be on the ballot next year, we will consider anyone who applies the appropriate way.

In response to recent allegations we are providing a fact sheet.  Please read below and use your judgment.  Thank you. 

Items 1-4 involving chip sealing, private drives, quality controls, paving parking lot.

There are over 50 miles of private roads to maintain.  Each drive and boulevard was inspected and prioritized.  Maile which has more traffic received the most attention for surface repair.  Additionally, Prince Kuhio had surface and intersection repair, and Kohala had several intersections repaired.  In total our budget allowed for 4-1/2 miles and six quarter mile sections of road, and repair to 30 individual intersections.  There was no paving done on a dead-end road where a fellow board member resides.  All ranchos property owners had fair opportunity to get driveways paved, here’s the excerpt from the September 2016 newsletter:

kahalana contracting

Any setbacks on completing the roads resulted from equipment delays and maintenance.  Board members volunteered their time, drove the subdivision, and inspected all work before payments were released.  Spending $4,000 to improve the HRRMC parking lot was agreed upon and voted via electronic mail.  The current state of the parking lot was deemed a safety issue and the improvement will now provide a smooth even surface for office visitors thereby eliminating any liability issues.  

Items 1-8 involving DEMAND

The said property owner requested copies of minutes and financials on a letter dated May 8, 2017.  In response, a letter sent May 30, 2017 explained the office was currently operating on limited hours.  Additionally HRRMC suggested “Let’s talk story and live with Aloha and make this a desirable place to reside for all who live and own here.”  An email was received July 4, 2017 including a signed petition to demand documents.  It was very direct as the property owner stated “Therefore I am demanding to receive copies of these documents at the time of your choosing between 9-12 noon on July 12, 2017, at the office of the HRRMC.”  Board members complied and provided copies of financials.  The recipients were informed all meeting minutes have been published on our website for public review.  Regarding the membership list, the board was aware the demanding party had the list as they were previously involved with Hawaiian Ranchos Community Association (HRCA) and had just mailed out a HRCA newsletter using member addresses on May 2, 2017.   

Previously the board was informed financial audits are very costly – upwards to $40k.  Our financials are transparent but we will re-visit having an audit done which will deplete funds that could be used to maintain roads.

After all this, another petition was intercepted to overthrow the board.  On July 23, 2017 the individuals were sent an email from the board asking for the harassment to stop.  The petition was full of slander and lies.  They were informed our attorney was looking into this and warned that whoever signs the petition is risking libel and defamation charges. 

Items 1-4 involving other serious matters

We were informed by our insurance agent we are bonded.  When the said party asked the president about bonding the answer was clearly he wasn’t certain.  There has been nothing done maliciously and if it’s determined the “money handlers” are not bonded we will pursue.

Office personnel giving out private information.  Where is the proof to substantiate this claim?  It should be noted the involved parties have previously entered the HRRMC office, video recorded and harassed the staff.  The local police have also been involved to keep peace.

The previous office manager retired and the job was posted legitimately on Craigslist.  Proper protocol was followed for the hiring process.  The new office manager came into the position knowing there would be repercussions based on the board’s hiring decision but this is a corporation that’s needs to keep running.  She was the best and most qualified candidate.  The board vice-president was excluded from all decisions made in filling the position.

After all this hoopla, our attorney has strongly advised us to follow our bylaws and now that is what we are going to do. 

Regarding the annual meeting.  At the July 12, 2017 board meeting the date for the annual meeting was set for November.  Per the advisement of our attorney in August 2017, upon reading the bylaws we found we had to change the date.  In order to be in compliance with our bylaws, since the date of the annual meeting was not set within the first 180 days of the year by default the annual meeting has to be the third Saturday in October.  Since we are being scrutinized it is imperative we follow our bylaws!

We approached the League of Women Voters to count our ballots although previously they informed us they could not do it any more.  Meanwhile we asked other independent organizations and the St. Jude’s Church has prior experience and professionalism.    

The current board is hard working with a “roll your sleeves up and get it done” mentality.  They all work well together and would welcome new board members with fresh ideas and suggestions.  Unfortunately the individual nominating all these potential “write-in” candidates is the same person orchestrating all the problems and allegations.  This is the same individual who was maliciously involved with the HRCA.  This is nothing short of a witch hunt.  Up until August 2017, five of these candidates never expressed an interest in our organization.  The remaining candidate served the board briefly and was removed for being threatening. 

A lot of us live here because we want to enjoy a quiet life.  We enjoy the peace and solitude.  There are lots of great people here.  Let’s get back to that and focus our energies where it matters.  There’s enough hostility in this world we don’t need it here.

The Board of Directors of HRRMC